Personal Branding

Wear a pointed cap, zebra coat and orange shoes. Or just tell them how you are unique.

Why personal branding?

Virtually everything you do goes public. It doesn’t matter what your social status is. Your image is actually how you are perceived by other people. It does really matter what they write and think about you, whether you like it or not.

We will help create a “filter” between you and your circle of concern, so that only authoritative information about you will get into public media.

We can help you enforce the ‘right to be forgotten’ law.

Examples and packages


180 000 rur./month

  • promotion strategy;
  • 5 comments in the press from speaker; 
  • mass-media monitoring;
  • processing and adaptation of posts for Instagram, ВК, Facebook (1-2 per day);
  • organisation of speaker speeches at relevant conferences;
  • consultation on the impact of personality on professional development (done in the next month);
  • reporting statistics;
  • photoshoot for a portfolio as a gift.


50 000 rur./month

  • promotion strategy;
  • design and adaptation of posts in Instagram, VK, Facebook (1 post per day);
  • recommendation for style and positioning;
  • consultation on the influence of personality on professional development for a month (done in the next month);
  • analysis of the mass media (1 time per year), after 3 month;
  • a photoshoot for posting on social networks as a gift.


600 000 rur./month

  • promotion strategy development and professional photo portfolio for 3 speakers;
  • daily comments in specialised media; 
  • mass-media monitoring;
  • Instagram, VK, Facebook maintenance;
  • opportunity for 3-5 speaker speeches at relevant conferences (for 3 speakers);
  • consultation on the impact of personality on professional development (done in the next month);
  • weekly statistics analytics.

Mass media monitoring

We constantly monitor influential resources concerning our clients. If we find any negative information or discrepancies, we initiate timely and effective countermeasures.

Make a powerful brand promise

We ensure clarity of your customers' expectations. We provide information and guidance to your target audience to ensure they know exactly what to expect from your brand and its services.

False information counteraction

We help protect against and correct 'unfriendly' publications on the internet. In extreme cases, we can help to enforce the 'right to be forgotten' law.

Fast start

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How it works

Define your personal goals

Define who your are and what you do. What makes you different? What are your ambitions? What will happen when you achieve your goals? What are all of the important aspects needed to build your personal strategy.

Define your target audience

Who are your clients and what do they expect from you? Where are your supporters and brand advocates? You must have a clear and complete focus on your customer base to achieve your goals.

Define your mission statement

We help to formulate your values, strengths, and goals into a comprehensive image that will clearly define your brand and its services. Your target audience will be assured that their expectations will be met.

Feedback analysis

We analyze the effects of your brand on the public. Is your target audience receiving an effective message? We will examine and report the perceptions your customer base has of your brand.

Follow your passion

We help you stay focused on who your ideal client is and what their needs are. Keeping this focus on what is truly important for your brand will make sure you do not waste time on anything else. In this way, you will have the most time to work on what you are passionate about and what you want to create.

Strategy reviews and revisions

Your public image and the reputation of your brand are living things. They change and grow, as does your customer base. We monitor your brand's public image to keep up with these changes.



Your brand and mission statement must be convincing, accurate and reliable. We are here to make sure they are!


Reinforce your strengths rather than disperse your efforts on side-projects. Develop what you want to be known for in the future.


How others perceive you is a vital part of successful personal branding. Stay relevant. Manage the audience expectations.


Be a big person on the inside first, before you attempt to be a big person on the outside. Do not miss opportunities for personal development and perfection.

Online marketing solutions

Get discovered. Engage customers. Sell.

Increase your client base. Reduce expenses for client acquisition.
Increase profitability of your business. More orders, less customer acquisition cost.
Make your clients returning. With friends.
in internet. Make your investments working for you, not your competitors.

Development and promotion

Spotlight is a group of seasoned professionals in digital campaigning. The founders of our company were at the origins of the formation of the telecom industry in Russia. We also have extensive experience working with international projects. For many years we have helped our customers to get the maximum result with the minimum investment.

Brand protection is a key part of a modern business. We help our customers guard their brand investments. Personal branding is also an essential part of a successful businessperson or politician nowadays. We help our clients to protect their investments.

Business services

  • Events management
  • Seminars and master classes
  • Mass media projects
  • Business research