Brand protection

We make sure that your investments in marketing and sales are not wasted, or even worse, that they do not fall into the hands of your competitors.

Why the need for protection on the internet?

The modern business environment is highly competitive. Many business owners spend many years and much money on creating a brand, never realizing that it can all be ruined in an instant. Placing negative information on social networks and online media, fake sites illegally using your brand, placing pirated copies of your digital content – all these and many others can lead to the devaluation of a brand and loss of profit.

Competitors monitoring

We track more than 140,000 resources daily.
We are able to detect an attack attempt on your company in the very early stages.

Unfair competition counteraction

We identify and avoid risks and threats to your business reputation and the development of your business.

Remove spurious information

We quickly confront those who publicize incorrect or fraudulent information and remove it from the internet even before it has time to be known by the general public.

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How it works

Competitive audit

Identification of sites and media that influence the target market. Identify opinion leaders, authoritative publications and “markers” for tracking.

Technological platform

Technology tools configuration to protect your business from fake sites, phishing, and targeted attacks.

Protection measures

Technology tools configuration to control the placement of pirated copies of your digital content and the illegal use of trademarks.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring to neutralize negative and unreliable information about your company, as well as illegal use of the brand.


Quickly find owners of resources and achieve the removal of illegal copies of your content or product.

Loss prevention

New risks and dangers appear constantly. We help to "keep abreast" and proactively make changes to measures to protect the brand from intruders.

How to promote business effectively


of your site and usability directly affect the effectiveness of advertising. We will help to create the site, which generates sales.


Unique value propositions (UVP) creation and hypothesis testing is essential for an advertising campaign.


Statistics collection and analysis for decision making. We help you to gain meaning from your data.

Brand protection

Brand protection in internet is essential for business, to defend your investments, so they work for you - not your competitors.

Business development services

Spotlight is a group of professionals in online promotion. The founders of the company were at the origins of the formation of the telecom industry in Russia and have extensive experience working with foreign projects. If you want to get the maximum result with the minimal investment, then we are the people to see.

Brand protection is an integral part of a successful business in the modern world. We help our clients protect their business investments.

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