Contextual advertising campaigns

Increase profitability of your business. More orders with less customer acquisition cost.

Online advertising as a sales technology

We will create a marketing budget plan, find your marketing niche and draw in your customer base through effective and efficient online advertising.

Sales increase

We start with cooperative digital campaigns planning, tailored specifically for your business. Thus, making your marketing investments working not just for your company's image, but also for effective sales on an everyday basis.

Efficient channels

We develop client acquisition channels that are most efficient for your company, thus lessening your marketing budget and increasing the efficiency of your sales efforts.

New clients

We help you find new clients through hypothesis testing methodology, thus extending the client base for sustainable growth of your company.

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How it works?

Identify competitive advantage

Define goals and metrics of advertising campaigns.

Competitive analysis

Analysis of competitive environment and advertising scenarios development.

Hypothesis testing

Create marketing campaigns. Allocate budgets. Set metrics monitoring mechanism.

Statistics analysis and decision making

Checking and adjusting hypothesis. Managing marketing campaigns with rates and other parameters.

Efficiency increasing

Fine-tuning of advirtising campaigns and further analysis.

Strategic review

Productivity analysis and advertisement strategy revision.

How to promote business effectively


of your site and usability directly affect the effectiveness of advertising. We will help to create the site, which generates sales.


Unique value propositions (UVP) creation and hypothesis testing is essential for an advertising campaign.


Statistics collection and analysis for decision making. We help you to gain meaning from your data.

Brand protection

Brand protection on the internet is essential for business, to defend your investments, so they work for you - not your competitors.

Business development services

Spotlight is a group of seasoned professionals in digital campaigning. The founders of our company were at the origins of the formation of the telecom industry in Russia and have extensive experience working with international projects. For many years we have been helping our customers to get the maximum result with the minimum investment.
The service of the sales development with the help of contextual advertising is intended for budgets over 100K rubles.

Business services

  • Events management
  • Seminars and master-classes
  • Mass-media projects
  • Business research