Corporate brand

A corporate brand is a combination of many factors that lead to a single goal – to increase revenue by creating a positive reputation among the target audience. In other words, a corporate brand is your corporate identity, which includes website design, logo creation, online advertising, publication in well-known Russian and foreign media, and direct communication with the audience at seminars or lectures.

Corporate brand development

  • Consultation services on PR issues

    — conducting a survey among the company's clients as part of preparing a list of target media;
    — developing informational events;
    — developing a PR plan for the year;
    — preparing of recommendations and their implementation in case of crisis situations;
    — preparing a strategic and tactical plans to promote the company

  • Developing proposals for organizing special projects in the media

    — preparing and updating basic materials (information help, presentations about the company, updating the company's history on the website, etc.);
    — conducting a photo session for the PR representative

  • Organising press-events

    — initiating the preparation of briefings, FAQ before the interview is released, and accompany company representatives until the interview is released
    — developing the topic, negotiations with the media editorial Board;
    — organizing work (coordination of the date, time, place of the interview);
    — developing a list of questions and answers;;
    — approving the final text

  • Organising participation in public events

    — preparing a list of recommended seminars, conferences, forums for participation of company representatives (as PR representatives or visitors);
    — preparing the participation schedule;
    — organizing participation (negotiations with the organizers);
    — make monitoring of publications in the blogosphere and the media;
    — providing a monthly report.

Tariff "Corporate"

600 000 RUB / month, incl adv budget
  • developing and updating long-term and medium-term (for each quarter/month) plans and programs of PR events for brand promotion in the market
  • maintaining current PR-activities
  • preparing and sending out press releases with subsequent monitoring of their output in the media
  • control the use of information in the media
  • make monitoring of publications in the blogosphere and the media
  • weekly statistics and analysis

Shall we start?

Tell us about your company

Why develop corporate brand?


The customer must be motivated to use your product/service. To do this, they need to hear about the product not only from you, but also from others.

The development and formation of your corporate brand will result in customers who have seen you online never forgetting what kind of company it is and what product/service it promotes.


A set of perceptions is what really matters. The client should associate certain values with your company name and logo, such as excellent service and security, speed and status, or premium class, but with affordable prices, or maybe just the business reputation of a proven well-known brand.

Business reach

Customer in most cases will choose a brand they already know: at least, they have heard about it, or better people they trust told them about the brand.

Improving your business reach is, obviously an essential task for any business.