Personal brand

A personal brand is when you are already known and acknowledged by colleagues and clients, and when you are written about by reputable Russian and foreign media. This brand is your personal reputation, your name, and your image that instill trust among your target audience.

How do you achieve an ideal business reputation?

How do you earn the trust of this audience? How do you attract new customers to my product? How often do people talk about you, and who’s saying what?

Personal brand

teamwise solutions for brand promotion

  • Be proactive in social media

  • Develop your reputation

  • Communicate with audience

Tariff "Personal"

50 000 RUB / month, incl adv budget
  • preparing content and images for daily social media content
  • setting up ads
  • determining the target audience and effectively utilizing an advertising budget
  • we will bring you customers!

Imagine that you have a specific goal, for example, to sell a certain number of products/services. If you don’t have a well-thought-out strategy or a personal brand, it will be very difficult to influence the audience you need. In addition, it will take a very long time.