SEO and Usability

Increase your client base. Reduce expenses for client acquisition.

Organic traffic as the company's growth factor.

Search engines are constantly changing their search algorithms. We build strategy for SEO for your brand including original content strategy, mass media influence and behavioral factors, providing complex solutions for your company growth.

Audience attraction

We help you develop a content strategy for your target audience so that people visit more often and stay longer on your site. The effort involved will have a lasting effect.

Clients interaction

We organize your internet presence in such a way that it is appealing and convenient for potential clients to immediately interact with your company and to buy your goods and services.

Customer retention

We make it easy for new clients to find you, and more importantly stay with you. They will even bring their friends. You will be free to concentrate on your business.

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How it works

Define competitive advantage

Competitive analysis. Creating UVP (unique value proposition) for your clients, based on your real competitive advantage.

SEO Audit

Technical and SEO audit. Usability audit.

Optimisation analysis

Internal and external optimisation plan. Internal structure and taxonomy. Semantic core for optimisation.

Continuous improvement

Testing hypothesis and incremental improvement.

Strategy revision

Content strategy review and analysis in connection with global company business strategy.

Strategic improvement

Business development with social media and special resources. Brand awareness and loyalty improvement measures. Development perspectives.

How to promote business effectively


of your site and usability directly affect the effectiveness of advertising. We will help to create the site, which generates sales.


Unique value propositions (UVP) creation and hypothesis testing is essential for an advertising campaign.


Statistics collection and analysis for decision making. We help you to gain meaning from your data.

Brand protection

Brand protection on the internet is essential for business, to defend your investments, so they work for you - not your competitors.

Business development services

Spotlight is a group of seasoned professionals in digital campaigning. The founders of our company were at the origins of the formation of the telecom industry in Russia and have extensive experience working with international projects. For many years we have been helping our customers to get the maximum result with the minimum investment.

SEO and Usability improvement services help our customers to secure sustainable growth as a result of the long-lasting effects of quality organic traffic growth and behavioral factors improvement.

Business services

  • Events management
  • Seminars and master-classes
  • Mass-media projects
  • Business research