Social Media Marketing

Make your clients returning. With friends.

Brand awareness and loyalty for sustainable growth.

Appropriate content strategy in social media and consistent interaction with your target audience will save your advertising budget and help you make more profit.

Positive brand awareness

Integrated content strategy for your target audience for positive brand awareness with long-lasting effect.

Be popular

Audience involvement and feedback loop management. Brand loyalty improvement.

Social media as a sales channel

Social media as source of new client base, performing as brand advocates and helping to attract new clients.

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How it works

Develop promotion vectors

Competitive audit. Goal setting. Instruments and methods discussion. Team building.

Competitive analysis

Business environment, rival brands. Target social media and communities.

Promotion strategy

Content strategy and placement. Pilot testing.

Promotion fine-tuning

Statistics analysis and metrics adjustment. Organising instant interaction with traget audience.

Help you surprise customers

We can help you use even minor communication occasion for better involvement, keeping clients fun and loyal.

Strategic development plan

Overal business strategy binding with corporate image in social media. Be authentic, exceed customers expectations.

How to promote business effectively


of your site and usability directly affect the effectiveness of advertising. We will help to create the site, which generates sales


Unique value propositions (UVP) creation and hypothesis testing is essential for an advertising campaign.


Statistics collection and analysis for decision making. We help you to gain meaning from your data.

Brand protection

Brand protection in internet is essential for business, to defend your investments, so they work for you - not your competitors.

Business Development Services

Spotlight is a group of seasoned professionals in digital campaigns. The founders of our company were at the origins of the formation of the telecom industry in Russia and have extensive experience working with international projects. For many years we help our customers to get the maximum result with the minimum investment. Preferred social media: Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte.

Business Services

  • Events management
  • Seminars and master-classes
  • Mass-media projects
  • Business research