Join the Russian Market

Without the Cost of Being There!


Do you want to expand your company? Are you looking for new customers? Russia is a huge country with a vast resource of clientele. Your company needs to increase its customer base, but you don’t have the time to find and connect to new candidates in faraway Russia. Well, we have the time, we have the expertise, and we operate right here!

What we do:

We prepare a competitive analysis of your business segment

We provide legal advice and protection within Russian legislative bodies

We provide effective information and guidance for your company's entry

We formulate a focused and direct marketing strategy

We provide templates for relevant business documentation: legal, accounting, importing/exporting, etc.

We supervise the entire process from preparation to implementation to support

You don’t need to open your own representative office in the Russian Federation and incur numerous associated costs and hassles. Our company will be your hands and feet here. We will operate in complete coordination with your company’s actions and goals. You will have the advantage of our familiarity with, and instant access to, your new customer base here in Russia.
Our marketing strategy preparation and implementation will be provided to you within 3 months. From there, our support will be competent and continuous. Once connected to your new clients, your goods and services will flow through your new pipelines to the incredibly promising marketplace of Russia!

About us

Spotlight Marketing Agency has been in business for over 3 years. It was founded by Denis Rotanov and Olga Alexandrova-Myasina. Denis’ experience includes: early and continuous leadership in the IT industry, international domain expert, CEO of one of the largest domain registrars, and expertise in bringing a global brand to the Russian market.
Olga’s experience includes: personal brand specialist and marketer in the IT industry, member of the project “Internet in Russian domain .РФ”, and member of the international organizations of Internet governance.
The agency is supported by a robust team of managers, product managers, designers, programmers, and lawyers. The combined experience and qualifications of Spotlight allows us to implement multi-level projects with excellent results. We have the feedback and recommendations to prove it. We will make you smile from the success of your new, Russian commerce!