We maintain your social networks

We will set up your ads so that as many potential customers as possible will see your profile, and existing customers will not forget about you. But if you don’t want to spend time studying the nuances of running social networks and watching video tutorials on how to distribute the budget between your campaigns and how to choose the right audience, then you should entrust the management of your profile to people who have been doing this for a long time and know all the subtleties of social networks! This is what we do best!

Maintain Social Networks

  • VKontakte

  • YouTube

  • Telegram

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Tariff "Social Network"

30 000 RUB / month
  • does NOT include advertising budget
  • one profile per your choice
  • preparing content and images for publications
  • planning and control of advertising budget
  • control and manage traffic
  • monthly report

Nowadays most of your clients search information in the Internet, so that’s where you need to look for your customers. We will distribute your budget, make edits to advertising campaigns, monitor traffic and, if necessary, effectively distribute it, draw bright illustrations and write posts, and you will only need to process requests from new customers and enjoy the profit.