Representing foreign business in Russia

Any market has its own specifics, and in order to competently and structurally tell your potential customers about yourself, your business or company located outside of the Russian Federation, you need to build communications with leading industry media, set up advertising campaigns and gradually increase the loyalty of your audience.

Representing foreign business in Russia

  • Will help to grasp doing business on specific segments

  • Help to identify target audience

  • Teamwise formulation of UVP (unique value proposition)

  • Build communications with leading industry media, social networks and set up advertising campaigns

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Social media

Social networks often surpass the media in terms of their influence. Any market has its own specifics. Our experts will help you build effective interaction with your audience in target markets in Russia.

Mainstream media

The perception of your company by customers will also depend on the sources from which they receive information about it. We offer only reliable sources with an excellent reputation, verified presentation of information so that your company’s image is associated with quality and reliability.


The buyer always chooses the product / service whose brand is already familiar to him. We will help you adapt the UVP for the Russian market. We will formulate offers that will find a response from Russian buyers.